Personalised, data-driven fragrance recommendations. Easily find a new fragrance for you or for a gift.

Chat to Daisy, our AI fragrance expert, who will help you understandย why you like the fragrances you do, and to find more like them!

How it works


Start chatting to Daisy and answer a few simple questions about yourself or the person you are buying a gift for.


Tell Daisy about some fragrances you already love – the more you tell her, the better the recommendations will be.


Daisy will analyse all the information and find the perfect fragrance matches, personalised for you. You can click on Info to see more about why we think you’ll love that specific fragrance.


Easily create an account using your social log-in and all your recommendations will be saved for future. You can even create a wishlist of fragrances you want to try.

How do we do it

Every day we analyse over 50,000 fragrances and 2 million scent data points

Using cutting-edge data science techniques we help you find fragrances you’re going to love

By chatting with Daisy she builds a predictive model of your fragrance personality

We’re impartial, we’re not owned or sponsored by any fragrance brands

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